First-gen American,
Stanford-educated scientist,
working-class champion


Rodolfo is Running for the Future of the Species

Jimmy Dore Discussing Our Campaign

The Green New Deal We need and deserve


Guaranteed, single-payer healthcare

Congress gets the best healthcare in the world. But they deny it to the American people. It's time for "Medicare for All" - a national healthcare system that gives you 100% control and 100% medical, vision, and dental coverage. 


Comprehensive, guaranteed education

It's time to invest in our future. We need 100% guaranteed early childhood education, fully funded K-12, tuition-free public colleges, universities, and vocational schools, student loan forgiveness, and reimbursement of the student loans already paid. 


We need new parties in the U.S. Congress

A lifelong Democrat, Rodolfo left the party after 2016, when it became clear that the Democratic Party is a party that is owned by the same corporations that own the Republican Party. It's time for new political parties in this country. 

A foreign policy of peace

A Foreign policy of peace, no more wars!